Barrio de Salamanca neighbourhood

El Barrio de Salamanca is one of the 21 historical neighbourhood  of Madrid. It owes its name to its builder, José de Salamanca and Mayol, Marqués de Salamanca, who built it in the 19th century. Since then, it has become one of the most important commercial areas of the city and one of the highest living standards in Europe with the largest luxury shopping area in Madrid around the streets Serrano, Claudio Coello and Ortega y Gasset.

It is common to see travelers from all over the world as it is well connected - walking distance- to the main sites of Madrid: Retiro, Puerta de Alcala, Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid Town Hall, Goya, Prado Museum... and easily connected to la Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and La Latina, by bus or metro.


That is why many of Madrid best restaurants and hotels, are located in this area (Horcher, El Paraguas, Amazonico). Same happens with nightlife - best clubs are here (Retiro Florida Park, Graf,..). El Barrio de Salamanca offers a plus of glamour that constitutes one of the main distinguishing features compared to other areas of the city's nightlife. 

But the real beauty of el Barrio de Salamanca relies on the streets, on its own tradition. Besides this glamourous appearance you could still find the real essence of Madrid in every corner, in every tavern. The possibility to enjoy the best Tortilla de Patata in town (Jurucha) or visit one of the oldest markets in town (Mercado de la Paz).


Here you will have the possibility to feel the essence of Madrid in an absolutely safe environment and close to every hot spot in the city. 

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